Fire Station Number 1 is Silver Spring’s Hit or Miss Burger Joint

I love the concept of this place. I mean who wouldn’t like to be on the inside of a fire station hanging out! It’s your childhood fantasy come to life, which earns this place 3 stars off the bat.

However, what gives it that extra nudge is the service. The customer service here is top notch. I have never had an unfriendly server here and the managers are always walking around, stopping at tables, and asking if everything is okay.

Unfortunately, I can’t give Fire Station a 5 star rating because the food is rather hit or miss. Sometimes I come and everything is excellent and at other times not so much. I frequent 1/2 priced burger night on Mondays because it’s a cheap eat for my son and I and it gives us our “mommy and me” time.

I will come one day and feel like, “Whoa this burger is awesome!” I will come another and feel like, “This burger was so so!” I don’t know how one messes up a burger but sometimes it happens. Maybe they do not get all their meat from the same source, maybe it’s the seasoning, I have no idea. I just know the burgers do not always taste the same, which for me is not cool.