I ♥ Experiential Marketing

There are few forces more powerful than the market place, driving goods, services, and information. If we didn’t have a strong market-based system, there would be little to no incentive for people to continuously come up with innovative solutions to solve our human needs.

When I was working in the area of promotional marketing, I was always amazed at the creative concepts that people come up with to showcase what’s new. Brands are always scrambling to be on top and to make sure that they can ride the tides of taste-change without being swept under by up and coming rivals.

The solutions might seem simple to the average consumer but there is a pain-staking process that goes into deciphering the right balance to grab the consumers attention, leave a positive lasting impression, and to build a relationship driven by loyalty, based on trust.

Being a part of the process is both exciting and informative. You get to see first hand what people like and why. You get to learn about the current trends and see the direction of various industries from the ground up. It gives you a direct window into the mind of the consumer.You are the one who they first interact with when discovering something new on the market and it is you who are the most influential in determining whether the company you are representing will have a new customer or not. Sure, they have to make a great product but great products go unnoticed all the time. It’s all about the marketing! Can you make the product you are representing stand out?

Can you grab the consumers attention? Even in the face of many others just like you also vying for their attention? Promotion takes a specific type of personality. Can you be personable, even after standing in one spot for five hours and saying the same thing over and over again? Can you maintain your stamina even when being psychically uncomfortable for long hours?

After all the show must go on! Are you a fast learner and can you articulate product knowledge as an expert on the fly? These are the types of questions you have to ask yourself. If your answers are yes, then a host of opportunities await you in the world of marketing. It’s true that keeping fit and maintaining a well-groomed image is important but your personality is number one.

I love marketing for all the reasons I stated above but also because it keeps me on my toes. It keeps me energized and excited to see what new and interesting things the next day will present. What will I be doing? Where will I be working? Who will I meet? What great product or service will I discover? It’s a challenging career and one that can be very rewarding. If you like adventure, meeting people, and learning new things, this is definitely something you should look into.