Intelligence and Happiness Often Don’t Mix

Someone once asked me if my head hurts from thinking all the time. The answer was yes. I do get quite a lot of headaches. Actually, they’re migraines brought on by tension. I think all the time and it’s hard because sometimes I truly want to just relax and live in the moment. However doing so, just doesn’t come naturally to me.

I can’t go to a strip club without thinking about all the economic disadvantages and social constraints that make the objectification of women’s bodies so lucrative. I can’t go to a club and hear music that degrades women or continuously shouts the N word without thinking about all the social factors that make this content wrong on so many levels. I can’t eat fast food without thinking about the damage being done to my body and the environmental degradation done by large-scale industrial farming.

Ignorance is truly bliss. It just makes life easier to get by day by day, never questioning, never seeking more, never trying to expand beyond your horizons. Not only is it painful to know that you see things other people don’t but also that they don’t even care and can be hostile to you for making them aware.

I’m convinced that people don’t like smart people. People enjoy being around those who are always smiling, never complaining, and always saying yes. I believe in once you know better, you do better. I can’t pretend that I’m unaware and unbothered when I am and that can alienate folks. Intelligence can truly can make for a lonely experience because you can often end up feeling like you have no one to talk to.

The main reason I started blogging was to have an outlet for my thoughts. The second reason was to find my tribe. Surely, there were other people out there who asked the questions I did, who lived life similarly to me, and with whom I could share and exchange information with. The internet has definitely changed the game and allowed for intellectuals, in an anti-intellectual society, to find each other and it’s a beautiful thing. 😀