#NewMusic- Mounika: Intro (I'm Sorry)

“You’re only as old as you feel for we’re all young at heart.” This is what comes to mind when I hear this mostly instrumental song. To some, it may be hard to depict a story from just a sound but this came naturally easy to me. I got a sense of old school games that kids used to play on playgrounds like hopscotch, dodgeball, jump rope, hand games, tag, hanging on the monkey bars, limbo and etc. Many of these things kids today don’t know or may not have even heard of.

Oh the innocence of being young, picture it: You’re young, say 10-11 years old, and the girls are singing, “Jig-A-Lo, Jig Jig A Lo” and “Little Sallie Walker was walking down the street…” or “Ms. Mary Mat Mat Mat all dressed in black black black” or “Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Homer, and Marge that’s not all, Bart’s in double trouble…” or one that everyone loved, “Down down all around, Down by the river and the hanky panky…” those were the days. I remember a whole summer in which I learned just about every little hand clap game there was. You have the boys climbing all over the monkey bars, playing dodgeball and picking on the girls they like. They’re young just living life and then fast forward about 20 years (you actually see the shift) and everyone’s in their 30’s and still close. This group reminisces over what it was like being so young and many remember those days spent playing on the playground, at parks or friends homes just being a kid. So they re-enact what it’s like as they jump rope, limbo, play dodgeball and hand clap games (it’s just like it was those 20 years ago).

Fast forward to now double their age in which they’re in their 60’s and together to visit 1 of the friends in a nursing home. Again they sit and reminisce about being young and someone mentions something like, “Shoot I still got it I don’t know what y’all are talking about I’m still young” and you hear a lot of “Me too’s” mimicking that sentiment so in the spirit of still being young these 60-year-olds continue their shared experiences by playing those very same games (they opt for tag and hand games due to the reality of their age). You can see them all enjoying themselves and in sense being a family, a family of friends as they all gather to spend time with their friends in the home. Afterward, they sit around and chat some more and come in for a group hug…end scene. (There’s an episode of the Twilight Zone that’s worth watching for it depicts this sentiment and it’s called “Kick the Can” Season 3 Episode 21).

This could be commercialized to include many things of something that lasts over time but I think it is the best fitting for a camera brand like Nikon. The idea would be capturing the memories throughout the years and holding them close to your heart so you never forget (because as most know as you get older sometimes Alzheimer’s kicks in). What a perfect way to remember and relive the good old days through photos.

Now let’s talk about this sound, the piano, in the beginning, oh how somber it sounds to where I instantly thought flashback to a happy place. The added lighter/higher piano adds an air or sense of remembrance. During the kicks, I get a sense that something is happening or being played out. Many interpretations can be taken from the sound I, however, I got this vision from it. That my friends is the beauty of music. Slated to be the 1st single from the sophomore LP “I Need Space” be sure to check out Intro (I’m Sorry) and the 2nd single “Tender Love” on the May 15th release #golisten

French Beatmaker Mounika. 

SINGLE 1 // “Intro ( I m sorry)”   

Released on I.O.T. Records & MaJu Records

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