Amplifying Self-Love and Redefining Female Fashion through Sneaker Wellness with JeNay Silva

JeNay Silva is using her love of sneakers to increase awareness around female foot health and pioneering the landscape of sneaker wellness.

About this Event

Our African American Leadership Series is showcasing leaders in the black community who are working to make a difference in the lives of its members. Each one-hour session showcases a different leader with a 30-minute discussion about their work followed by an interactive 30 minute round of questions from the audience.

JeNay Silva, Founder and CEO of HERCollective Sole. She has B.S. in Business Marketing and a background in Hospitality Management, Media Production, and Tech Startups. JeNay a purpose seeker found her passion later in life, She took that passion and invested in it by attending Fashion Institute of Technology, Sneaker Essentials. Took Shoe Fitter courses with Dr. Comfort, and currently obtaining a Certificate to become and Ergonomics Specialist.

She took her self care mindset and love for Sneakers and started a brand. Her goal is open up a lane she calls “Sneaker Wellness” to bridge the gap for women of social buying and educative information for the longevity of their feet.

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