The 5 Steps That Helped Me Lose 25 Pounds in 3 Months | My COVID Weight Loss Journey (Video)

I have always been a sugar junkie and an emotional eater, prone to binge eating. Losing weight has been an up and down struggle all of my life. With my 45th birthday looming, I was fed up. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life feeling out of control, unsatisfied with my body, and suffering with constant pain and discomfort. This time around I decided that I had to figure out how to make fitness a lifestyle. I wanted to learn why I couldn’t break my addition. And, I wanted to feel like I was amplifying my life not punishing myself in the process.

I started out quarantine like almost everyone else, in a funk and coping with chronic baking. It was seriously exacerbating an already unhealthy body, pre-diabetic and suffering with an autoimmune disorder. I had to accept that my comfort food was actually adding to my discomfort. Happily, I beat the COVID blues and managed to lose 25 pounds between June-September. Here’s my story and the tips that will hopefully help you on your weight loss journey as well.

5 things that I employed to help me on my weight loss journey.

☀️ Eat natural unprocessed food

☀️ Practice mindfulness

☀️ Surround yourself with people who share your values

☀️ Develop a consistent fitness routine

☀️ Read for growth