Announcing Spectrum Universe Comics, Red Nebula Chapter 1

My son 16 year old, Diego Olivares, has launched Spectrum Universe Comics. He wrote this first chapter when he was 14 and after having two artists drop the ball, it’s finally here. My baby is officially a comic book writer.

Although he says he wants to totally redo the story because now that he’s older he’d do a lot of the story differently, I’m still very proud of this effort. It’s a fun and intriguing story centered around a mystery villain. I’m amazed that his young mind can be so creative, to create an entire world and to bring these characters to life. If you’re into comics please get a copy. He’s already working on the next one.


Nokomis Fisher is a semi-retired superhero, stepping down from the doomsday scenarios and supervillains. To the much safer and constant street crime. However, after stumbling on two strange juvenile criminals, she starts to uncover something much bigger that will change her world forever.

Written By Diego F. Olivares and Art Done by Vera Allen