Double the Protection, Double the Style: LAYER x Never Go Alone's Wellness Accessories

Never Go Alone

Never Go Alone is a health and wellness start-up founded by Nga Nguyen, also known as fashion’s “Patient zero”. The brand aims to disrupt the wellness space and was inspired by the unprecedented changes that occurred in 2020. The company worked with the experience design agency LAYER for a year on branding, a range of protective products, packaging, and art direction. The inaugural collection includes a reusable face mask, refillable hand sanitizer, and refillable sanitizing wipes case, designed to empower users to take ownership of their health and safety.

LAYER x Never Go Alone

Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency LAYER has devised a strategic brand and suite of products for health and wellness start-up Never Go Alone. Founded by fashion’s ‘Patient zero’ Nga Nguyen, the brand is fuelled by the unprecedented changes that occurred in 2020 and an ambition to disrupt the wellness space. LAYER worked in close collaboration with the founder over the course of a year on branding, a range of protective products, packaging, and art direction. The branding and inaugural collection – which includes a reusable face mask, refillable hand sanitizer, and refillable sanitizing wipes case – is designed to empower users to visibly take ownership over their health and safety, while the packaging design is driven by observed human behaviors and environmental concerns. Never Go Alone launches globally in Spring 2021.

The inaugural collection, Edition 01: Sandstone, reimagines the world of hygiene and elevates the experience of sanitation and protection, both in the home and on the go. Each product creates a memorable experience through the engagement of the senses, from tactile materiality and intuitive touchpoints to bespoke scents.

Behind the Mask

The Never Go Alone packaging has been thoughtfully designed with sustainability in mind. The sanitizer and hand wipe containers are refillable, reducing waste and encouraging an ongoing relationship with the brand. The packaging has been designed to be displayed rather than hidden away, and both the hand sanitizer bottle and wipes container feature a lanyard for easy attachment to keys or a bag.

The visually striking packaging employs a rich palette of oranges and earthy neutrals, creating a strong visual identity that sets it apart from other medical-driven products. The soft-touch materials enhance the experience of handling the products, and the ergonomic forms make them easy to use.

The Never Go Alone face mask is a standout product in the collection. Inspired by athleisure design, it features a seamlessly bonded construction and adjustable features for exceptional comfort. The interchangeable ear loops let users customize the color and finish to their style and preference.

The mask has three layers. The outer layer is a breathable, lightweight knit that hides the filter. The middle layer is made of ultra-suede and conforms to the curves of the face, providing structure and a soft touch. The inner layer is a Superfine knit with antibacterial fibers for added protection.

The Never Go Alone brand offers a range of products, including a mask that features a replaceable PM2.5 filter that can reduce total airborne particulates by up to 90%. The mask is available in three sizes and is designed to fit snugly with adjustable elastic straps and a moldable nose bridge. When not in use, the mask can be folded flat and stored in a convenient travel pouch.

The brandmark for Never Go Alone was created by LAYER to express the brand’s values through a simple and intuitive visual language. The n-shaped mark has a structured architectural form that evokes a welcoming arched doorway. The silhouette has been crafted with equal positive and negative space to create a sense of calmness and balance.

LAYER, the design studio that created the Never Go Alone brandmark, is focused on using design to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. They believe that transforming medical and hygiene products into sustainable lifestyle accessories is essential in today’s world. They were also inspired by Nga’s powerful personal journey and the ongoing challenges we face across the world, creating an exciting opportunity to work with a start-up with a strong foundation story.