What Carla Hall Had to Say About Setting Goals and Finding Your Happy

“Instead of focusing on goals and outcomes, redirect your focus onto celebrating what you already have.”

― Gabrielle Bernstein, ‘The Universe Has Your Back’, 2006.

With my Passion Planner plotting my next major move! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely a big believer in planning and being strategic in how we make moves. See my LinkedIn articles, “How to Set SMART Goals for Your Life” and “How to Make a Plan to Achieve Your Goals” if there is any confusion about that. LOL

However, the reality is that we don’t always have all the information about what might be going on around us that can impact our lives and we have to be open to flow in unexpected directions if we are to fully realize our potential.

I was reminded of this last night when I was reviewing this video I recorded of Carla Hall speaking in Washington, DC a few years ago. It’s just a snippet of the talk but it’s a great reminder that sometimes the best things that happen to us are the things we never expected.

Carla Hall of ABC’s The Chew and Bravo Top Chef Alum speaking at Conversations With Women Who Lead: Food Edition, Presented by The Office on Women’s Policy and Initiatives (MOWPI) in conjunction with the DC Commission for Women on January 29, 2018.

Don’t take this to mean that you should go out and drop your planners in the nearest bin. Rather, use it as a reminder that our plans are simply tools. They are for us to use so long as they benefit us but we are not supposed to be so beholden to them that we become too afraid to veer off our self-ordained paths and we miss out on great opportunities.

When you live in gratitude for what you have and where you are, the temptation to desperately cleave to plans for fear of missing out on your goals won’t be there. You will be better positioned to be open to what the universe has to offer you and, like Carla, you just might find you landed somewhere greater than you ever could have imagined.