DG Speaks Podcast: Tune in to Thoughts and Talks

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve finally taken the time to go through my audio files and organize my first podcast series. I’ve done a ton of interviews over the past several months with creatives, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs. I’ve also had several fascinating conversations with friends and family that I’ve included in the mix. The goal of Thoughts and Talks is to showcase diverse voices in film, tech, food, travel, wellness, and music in a way that’s fun and enlightening.

I’ll be releasing new episodes every Tuesday at 6 am EST via Anchor and you’ll be able to listen in anywhere you normally get your podcasts, Spotify, Apple, Google, you name it.

Conversations highlighting diverse voices in pop culture, wellness, food, tech, travel, and, entrepreneurship.

First up, tomorrow in Episode 1 will be my conversation with South African Writer and Director, Nomawonga Khumalo. We will be discussing her film, “Five Tiger,” its feminist themes and thoughts about gender in both the local and global context.

Developing this podcast is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I’m very happy to finally be bringing it to you. I hope you will subscribe and let me know what you think about the episodes.