Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurial Women: Simplify Your Life with These Must-Haves

It’s too exhausting trying to stay sane these days, especially with all this work on our plate and the responsibilities at home piling up. I understand! It can be hard to stay on top of your routines. You deserve all the praise for doing this challenging work and still slaying.

Anyways, I’ve made this list of apps for you that might help make your daily life a bit easier. I tried to keep it simple and diverse, so have a look and tell me if you liked it.


If you’re a working mom with mischievous little munchkins that make you forget your daily tasks, then Toggl is the app for you.

If you’re one of those geeky nerds (like me) who needs a detailed report about daily tasks, then Toggl will help you. It helps you track the time you spend on your tasks, organize them, and keeps organized entries of the tasks.

Toggl works on both Apple and Android. With Toggl you’ll stay on top of your daily activities, and get back to focusing on what’s most important to you.


Hey Designers, this one’s for you.

I know that designing requires loads of collaboration; this is why the Figma app would be a perfect choice for you. It is designed explicitly for facilitating team collaboration and will make it a lot easier to work on your product design.

You can build prototypes, share your work, gather other designers’ insights, and do much more through Figma.


If you are a journalist or influencer, then you might need engaging content to share with your audience or inspiration for your own articles. Gathering videos and articles from the internet has always been a messy business. Thankfully, now you have the Pocket app now.

You can save articles and videos from the internet and store them in a single place. It will become your little on-the-go spot to find your favorite content, whether it is about beauty, makeup, skill learning, etc.


Every professional woman doing need Canva in her life. When it comes to graphic design, it is the easiest and versatile creativity tools you can find. You can make excellent presentations, edit your IG posts, create a YouTube thumbnail, or make a poster for your upcoming business without having any design skills.

Canva’s drag and drop platform makes it super simple to design whatever you need, even from your phone. I use it nearly everyday, especially for my social media posts.

So, what’s the wait? Go and Sip on that cocktail, let your hair down, and relax. You’ve got it covered with because you’re using these apps. Ciao!