Why Tough Love Might Be Exactly The Love You Need

We live in a world where no one wants anyone to tell them anything that makes them uncomfortable, or sad, or pushes them to accept that there might be things about themselves they need to change. One thing about having a Hispanic mother is, they don’t care! If you know, you know.

However, I can’t deny that even when my mother has really upset me, telling me this and that when I didn’t want to be told, she’s always kept me on my toes.

We all need to have people in our lives who tell us the tough truths we don’t want to be told if we want to grow and be the best versions of ourselves. Are we gaining too much weight? Do we need to get out of that unhealthy relationship? Do we need to go to a therapist? Maybe we need to seriously reconsider joining that MLM scam?

I mean the FTC has shown that over 99% of people involved in MLM-based companies lose money! Don’t get mad when I’m looking at you crazy for trying to sell me yet another bottom of cheap perfume from Mary Kay. Just don’t do it sis!

Here’s Some Tough Love Tips For You

If you think you can elevate your life and be a person who can’t be told anything you don’t want to hear, I’m sorry to tell you you’re very much mistaken. We simply aren’t always able to look critically at ourselves the way we need to and we need to have those who love us lighting the way.

It can be the family you’re born to or the family you choose but we all need someone. Who is keeping you from jumping off the ledge?