Innovations That Will Make You Say 'Wow': 3 Consumer Electronics to Watch

The world of consumer electronic is always changing and it’s very exciting when companies roll out new development that can improve how we live and work. There are many parts to the everyday items we use like our phones, garage door openers, and other seemingly insignificant devices where even innovations that go unnoticed by the average consumer can have a huge impact on functionality and increase value.

Here are few of my favorites from 2021.

Gorilla Glass Invictus

Corning is a name that’s been around as long as I can remember, even as long as my mom can remember but the company hasn’t forgotten the importance of continued innovation. With its release of Gorilla Glass Victus, Corning improved the products ability to reduce surface scratches, claiming twice the scratch resistance of its previous display glass while also improving drop resistance.

Reducing scratch resistance goes beyond keeping your devices looking good. It’s an important upgrade because even less noticeable little scratches can weaken the integrity of your device’s glass and increase the chances of it breaking when dropped. Corning reports that “Gorilla Glass Victus survived drops onto hard, rough surfaces from up to 2 meters.”

Semtech PerSe

Semtech PerSe might not be a household name but their technology touches nearly everything around us. because it’s included in nearly every personal connected consumer device. PerSe works by intelligently sensing a human presence, creating optimized connectivity and an enhanced user experience. PerSe’s best-in-class sensing performance is commonly used in a wide range of applications such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and wearables. 

“Semtech has more than a decade of market-leading sensor technology experience. We work closely with the industry’s top consumer electronics manufacturers developing and implementing our sensors to deliver incredible connectivity and provide an automated user experience, while also complying with SAR regulations,” said David Wong, senior director of consumer sensing products for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. “Today’s launch further underscores our commitment and leadership in the personal connected consumer device market. PerSe sensors deliver an unmatched consumer experience through device performance, regulatory compliance, user safety, and business impact.”

3D Tempo Vision™

Moving a way from the world of phones, computers and gadgets, let’s look at a different area where innovations have been making our lives a bit better, especially during the pandemic when spaces have either been inaccessible or inconvenient. One such space in many cities is that of the fitness gym. Not being able to get a good workout in drives me bonkers and knowing that there are new alternatives on the scene making it easy for me to do so at home is something I’m really excited about.

The 3D Tempo Vision™ is a colorful set of weights with infrared sensors. For $2,000 the weight-training system creates a 3D model of your body, counts your reps, and analyzing your form. That information feeds into Tempo’s live and on-demand classes (which cost an additional $39 per month). This allows you to get feedback to improve and get better results. The best part is that there are no cameras involved so you don’t have to worry about uninvited lurking eyes peeking in.

Theragun Mini from Therabody

In our article 3 Best Tech Gadgets for Women, we pointed out how spectacular the Theragun mini from Therabody is. you’ll definitely appreciate it if you get the 3D Tempo Vision™. Be sure to check out that article for more great tech insights.