Thoughts on Love, Death + Robots Volume Three

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a screening of one of my favorite animated anthologies, Love, Death + Robots. Love, Death + Robots is an animated anthology series featuring short animated horror, fantasy, and sci-fi films that (like the name implies) all have themes about Love, Death, or Robots. It’s a Netflix original series and the third volume in the series launched today!

It was fun to see some of the films from Volumes One and Two of the series, with the last four being featured in Volume 3. Here’s my review from my Volume 3 sneak peek.

Three Robots: Exit Strategies

Three robots travel the remains of destroyed humanity to see how each of the groups that make up our society tried to survive the end of the world. 

Funny and creative! I like that it pokes fun at how we use wealth and some of the questionable decisions we have made. It’s incredibly humorous and pessimistic in its outlook toward our future. Still, it’s charming and entertaining to watch. 

Bad Traveling

Bad traveling is about a massive crab who crawls onto a ship during a storm, eating some of the crew and hiding below the sip to force the survivors to take it to a populated island.

That’s all I’ll say about the plot, but wow! This was a fantastic film. I loved the light world-building and how the characters were surprised by a giant crab but not shocked. Almost as if this dangerous creature is common enough for them to be aware they exist, maybe it’s a common danger of traveling the seas. The animation is excellent. It uses its stylized character design to make them very expressive, and the effects from the rain to the crab, to all the blood and guts, are just amazing. It’s a great film and is one of my favorites. I’d like to see more stories that take place in this world.


Jibaro is about Spanish conquistadors that come across a gold plaid siren. All die save for Jibaro, a deaf soldier. The two, intrigued by one another, engage in a violent, dance-filled chase. 

I was not too fond of Jibaro for several reasons; It’s not the genre I enjoy, and experimental stuff can be hit or miss with me, but I found the animation jarring. However, the animation pushes the limits of 3D and really shows what the medium is capable of in the hands of great animators. Also, I wouldn’t say I liked the story, I won’t spoil it, but its messaging and ending are a little confusing to me. I probably need to watch it again to dissect it more because there definitely is a prominent theme about colonization, but there’s something else that is much deeper that I have not seen in the film yet. 

Night of the Mini Dead

Night of the mini dead is fantastic. It looks like a photo stop animation of miniature models acting out the end of the world via zombie apocalypse. Definitely one of the funnier films, with little jokes mixed into the film and creative use of perspective to make the swarm of zombies feel like a swarm. 

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading!

What’s your favorite episode of Love Death and robots?