The Future is Here: World's First Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset

Don’t you just hate when you’re doing something and the battery for your headset dies? It can be a pain, especially when working outside or taking a long drive. I’m online consulting some days for hours and, since I’ve gone nomad, much of that time I’m out.

Thankfully, Blue Tiger USA, the leading provider of communications headsets, announced today that it is now shipping the Solare headset. This is the world’s first solar-powered communications headset. Bye-bye batteries.

Perfect for hands-free driving and home or office use, the powerful Solare headset harvests light from any source, including indoor or outdoor, for continuous use and a virtually unlimited battery life.

This marvelous innovation has won numerous awards, including the CES 2022 Innovation Award, Green Builder Sustainable Product of the Year 2022, TWICE 2022 Picks Award, Innovation & Tech Top 50, and more.

You can find Solare now at Amazon and other retailers.