Primary Sweetie Connect is Giving Your Sweet Tooth a Sparkle of Pizazz

Tasha Graham has been in business for about 1 1/2 years now. Fueled by a love of cooking and baking, during the pandemic she decided to create a brand, and later a company, where she could turn her hobby into a way to take control of her destiny.

Primary Sweetie Connect at Pitt Street Brewing’s Juneteenth Marketplace

Tasha said she wanted to make events and occasions special for everyone involved by providing customized treats and sweets everyone would love.

When I asked why she felt that being an entrepreneur was important? She said:

“being an entrepreneur is important to me because I want to own something as well as create multiple streams of income for myself. I am a very self driven and motivated individual who is always looking for new opportunities.”

This seems to be a common theme with many entrepreneurs these days. The reality that everything around you can simply shut down in a day and you can find yourself with no income was a wake up call for many. For this reason many women like Tasha found themselves starting businesses during the pandemic, and many have continued to thrive as entrepreneurs.

I tried one of Tasha’s strawberry shortcake candied apples and it was the bomb! It tasted just like one of those old fashioned strawberry shortcake ice cream bars from back in the day.

If you’re in the Greenville, NC area be sure to check her out. She doesn’t have a website yet, but follow her on Instagram to see where she’ll be popping up next or to order directly. She has tons of great treats.