Simply Delicious Fried Bread Using Olive Oil

Many people don’t think that you can fry food using olive oil. Well, you most certainly can. You just have to stick to medium heat. I love the flavor of olive oil and I like using it because of its many health benefits. Just be sure to get cold-pressed and organic. 💯

One of my favorite things to make in a pinch has always been flittas (in my mom’s San Andres Island accent.) Basically, it’s fried bread. If you aren’t good at mixing baking ingredients, which my mom can’t do, you can use self-rising flour. That’s what I used here.

All that’s required extra is water, and a little sugar. Sugar helps give it its spongy texture. I don’t measure this out so I can’t say exactly but I’d guess only about a teaspoon for 1/4 cup of flour. You should not be able to taste the sugar.

This recipe was a lifesaver for me when I was super broke and always comforted me. When I make these for myself, I don’t usually bother with making them any particular size or shape. After all, they taste the same. 😂

You can eat these savory or sweet. They are great with pretty much anything or excellent by themselves too. Actually, plain with hot tea is how I typically eat them.

Here, I’m showing you an option using my queso con carne (cheesy sauce with brisket), or another using my homemade fig preserve.

Diane’s Home-Made Fig Preserve Recipe