‘Mother’s Daughter’ is an Unapologetic Anthem of Women’s Empowerment

‘Mother’s Daughter’ by Miley Cyrus is an incredibly powerful song and the imagery in the video is a protest in itself. I often find myself in the house playing it on YouTube over and over again. You know how some songs make you feel like you can take on the world full steam ahead. Well, this is one of those songs for me.

I’m a fan of Miley because I love her unapologetic fire. I wasn’t a big fan of the Hannah Montana era. Probably, because I was an adult. It could also have been because I wasn’t particularly found of the glitzy cookie-cutter goodie goodie image that seemed too good to be true.

However when she grew up and stepped out on the scene wild and free, letting us all know that she was a little bit crazy, I was digging that. I’m a little bit crazy too so it was comforting I guess. LOL

People are always trying to tame women, to reduce us to ornamental pretty little things who should simple do as expected. I liked that she refused to do that. Of course, she had her white privilege and her money to give her agency, but she was still a rather young woman in a world dominated by far richer, old white men.

Plastic Hearts

Don’t get me wrong, there are things that I think aren’t a good idea for women (or anyone) to do so I don’t do them and I do advise others not to. Those are personal choices. That’s a far cry from policy makers legislating morality to the masses.

Ultimately, I believe it is our right to decide for ourselves how we wish to live our lives. I have zero desire to relinquish control of my personal autonomy to anyone else and I don’t understand how people could think that type of social control has any place in a free society.

It is not ok to continue arbitrary rules of custom, propped up by religion or culture, that somehow always seem to be directed primarily at women. As we become an increasingly global community, my hope is to see a world where this is true everywhere.

All human beings deserve to live free, to follow their own paths, to be guided by their own senses of duty and morality so long as they aren’t negatively impacting others.

If those in power wish to force rules of control, then they must be able to show unequivocally with evidenced-based support, grounded in reason, why those rules should exist.

There is no such evidence to support control over our bodies, how we dress, who we love, what we own, where we work, when we give birth, if we give birth, how much education we have, or any of the other current restrictions that exists to control women globally.