Start the New Year by Celebrating Vegan Dining Month in January 2023

Every year most of us start our saying to ourselves that we’re going to healthier food. However, many of us fall short on maintaining that resolution because we simply don’t know what to eat. It’s hard to come up with healthy meal alternatives when you’ve never been introduced to new foods or cooking styles.

This year, I’m going to be bringing awareness about new food options by celebrating Vegan Dining Month. I’ll be conducting interviews with vegan chefs and doing restaurant reviews so that you can see all the great vegan food options available for you to enjoy.

I’m an omnivore, if you follow me that’s no secret. Yet, the reality is that most of us simply eat far too much meat and that leads to an array of negative health consequences.

All of January 2023, restaurants across NYC, Las Vegas, and Portland are debuting new vegan dishes in celebration of Vegan Dining Month – an initiative by Vegans, Baby benefitting local charities and amplifying vegan awareness.

The unsustainable amount of meat consumed globally, and particularly in the United States, is also having a devastating impact on our planet. Now is definitely the time to focus more on plant-based food and Vegan Dining Month is a great opportunity to do that.

The Countries That Eat The Most Meat

Even if you don’t give up meat completely (I certainly don’t plan to) you can still learn about new food options to explore and hopefully eat a bit less meat in 2023. Not only will your body thank you, so will Mother Earth.

The 2023 new year kicks off with Vegan Dining Month, an initiative by Vegans, Baby with the purpose to encourage people to go vegan for the month of January. This is the sixth annual Vegan Dining Month for Las Vegas, the third for Portland, and the first-ever for New York City. More than 50 restaurants across the cities are debuting brand new vegan dishes during January for the initiative; all the while, a portion of the proceeds go toward aiding local charities.

The month is supported by Veganuary, a non-profit campaign which encourages people to try going vegan in January and beyond, and sponsored by ACE Natural, a green and socially responsible NY-based food distributor. 

During this month-long celebration:

  • Vegan lovers and the vegan curious explore never-before-eaten plant-based meals.
  • Restaurants connect with their local community and learn about the plant-based demand.
  • NYC locals aid the mission of Support + Feed, NYC Vegan Dining Month’s official non-profit partner, to combat food insecurity and the climate crisis. This year, Support + Feed joined the Billie Eilish:Happier Than Ever World Tour which launched their Plant-Based Pledge, asking guests to eat at least one plant-based meal a day for 30 days for human and planetary wellness.  
  • Las Vegas locals support Animal Help Alliance with every new vegan dish they try at participating restaurants.
  • Portland locals aid Life of Riley Dog Rescuewith every new vegan dish they try at participating restaurants.
  • Locals learn about how to go vegan from Veganuary.
  • The vegan lifestyle befriends many, many more. 

“I am so excited to launch Vegan Dining Month across Las Vegas, New York City, and Portland,” says Diana Edelman, Vegans, Baby’s founder. “Each city has such a dynamic vegan dining scene and I am thrilled to encourage more people to dine out during the month and give restaurants – both vegan and vegan-friendly – a try for a good cause. Hundreds of thousands of people take the Veganuary challenge every year and this event helps them see they can dine out around the city and find amazing vegan food and hopefully encourage them to stick with being vegan after the month. It also introduces new spots to vegans who dine out and showcases the diversity around the cities.”

The 22+ restaurants participating in Las Vegas Vegan Dining Month include:

Park MGM; Harvest, Spago; Picasso; TIABI; Saffron; Border Grill; Sharky’s Modern Mexican Kitchen + Restaurant; Honey Salt; Daikon; Plant Power; Graze Kitchen; Firefly; Taj Palace; Chonky; Tacos and Beer; Down 2 Earth; Vegas Vegan Culinary School; Queen of Hearts; Black and Blue Diner; Tacotarian; Good Morning Kitchen; Stefano’s; Barry’s Downtown Prime.

The 20+ restaurants participating in NYC Vegan Dining Month include:

Overthrow Hospitality; Marty’s V Burger; Caravan of Dreams; Avant Garden; Soda Club; Rabbit; Ladybird; Cadence; Raiz; Ayza; PLNT Burger; Laduree; Earthen; Vegan on the Fly; Luz; Organic Grill; Public Records; Lekka Burger; The Hungry Vegan; Zooba Eats.

The 9+ restaurants participating in Portland Vegan Dining Month include:

Spoons on 13th; CoKiea’s Kitchen; Wicked Kitchen; Top Burmese (four locations); Homegrown Smoker; The Mocking Bird; V3; Pizza Thief; Kati Portland.

For a full list of Vegan Dining Month restaurant partners and menus, click here for Las Vegashere for New York City, and here for Portland.

Vegan Dining Month is also sponsored by Abbot’s Butcher and MyForest Foods.

For more information about Vegan Dining Month, visit; or follow Vegans, Baby on Instagram @vegansbaby, Facebook @vegansbaby, Twitter @vegansbaby, or Pinterest@vegansbaby.