The Last Fish in the Pond: BIOSPHERE's Apocalyptic Comedy Opens July 21

The teaser trailer for the upcoming sci-fi dramedy “BIOSPHERE” has just been released, and it’s already generating buzz. The film, which marks the directorial debut of award-winning producer Mel Eslyn (known for “The One I Love”), stars Mark Duplass and Sterling K. Brown as the last two men on Earth who must adapt in order to survive.

“Mysterious and hilarious… unlike any movie in recent memory.”
The Hollywood Reporter

Set in the not-too-distant future, the movie follows lifelong friends Billy (Duplass) and Ray (Brown) as they navigate life on a doomed planet. Ray, a brilliant scientist, designed the custom biosphere that the two men call home, complete with creature comforts and everything they need to survive. However, when the population of their fishpond begins to dwindle, they find themselves facing an uncertain future.

“[A] tour-de-force… Sterling K. Brown and Mark Duplass are perfection.”
The Curvy Film Critic

Despite the bleak premise, “BIOSPHERE” promises to be both uproarious and tender. Eslyn’s directorial debut has already been a favorite at the Toronto International Film Festival, and it explores the human capacity for change in the face of adversity.

“BIOSPHERE” is set to open in theaters nationwide and on demand on July 21 via IFC Films. Don’t miss the chance to see this exciting new film featuring two of today’s most talented actors.