Chilean Amazon Original Film Sayen Takes on Corporate Greed in Action-Packed Thriller Trilogy

Sayen, the first Chilean action trilogy, is set to premiere on Prime Video on March 3 in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide. The film, directed by Alexander Witt and produced by Fabula’s Academy Award-winning team of Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín and Rocío Jadue, follows the journey of Sayen, a Mapuche woman who uncovers a dangerous conspiracy led by an international corporation that is destroying her family’s land and ravaging the local ecosystems throughout Chile. With the fate of her family’s legacy at stake, Sayen takes it upon herself to bring these people to justice and save her homeland.

The film offers an immersive experience into the incredible landscape of Patagonia, where the story unfolds. Through the eyes of Sayen, audiences will witness the beauty and destruction of the land and the extreme situations she must face to protect it. The action-packed thriller promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, with a talented cast led by Rallen Montenegro, Arón Piper, Roberto García Ruiz, Alejandro Trejo, Loreto Aravena, Eduardo Paxeco, Teresa Ramos, Roberto Cayuqueo, and Camilo Arancibia.

Speaking about the film, Javiera Balmaceda, head of Local Originals for Latin America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand at Amazon Studios, said, “It’s so exciting to bring the story of Sayen to our customers in Chile and around the world. Audiences will be enthralled by Sayen’s journey and will root for her as she fights against corporate greed.”

Rocío Jadue, executive director of Spanish-language movies at Fabula and executive producer of Sayen, added, “As a production house, we like challenges, and in the case of Sayen, making an action trilogy starring a Mapuche woman meant deploying all of our ingenuity and knowledge to tell a story with the quality that the public deserves.”

Sayen is Chile’s first film to premiere as part of an action trilogy and the latest local original title announced by Prime Video. It joins a growing list of critically acclaimed titles such as Desconectados, Los Sobrevivientes: Colonia Dignidad, and La Jauría. With its unique storyline and talented cast, Sayen promises to be an entertaining and thought-provoking addition to Prime Video’s selection.