Get Your Little Ones Excited to Explore the Nation's Coolest Spots with The Kid's Guide to Washington D.C.!

If you’re planning a family vacation to Washington D.C., why not let the kids help plan the itinerary? With The Kid’s Guide to Washington D.C., kids can be engaged in the planning process, choosing their own adventure and exploring the city in a fun and educational way.

The fourth edition of the award-winning author Eileen Ogintz’s Kids Guide to Washington D.C. is now available, and it’s the perfect tool to help families make the most of their vacation together. With fun DC facts, cool travel tips, awesome games, and quizzes like a scavenger hunt at the National Zoo, this guide will keep the whole family entertained.

But why visit Washington D.C. now, you might ask? According to Eileen, there has never been a more important time to bring your kids to the nation’s capital than right now, with all the political drama unfolding. And with so much available virtually, it’s never been easier to involve the kids in the planning process, taking virtual tours of museums and historic sites beforehand.

Kids Guide to Washington D.C. by Eileen Ogintz

But it’s not all about museums and historic sites. Eileen argues that playgrounds are just as important as museums when exploring a city like D.C. They’re where kids can meet local kids, and parents can find out where to get the best pizza in the neighborhood from other parents.

And when it comes to attractions, it’s all about balance. Alternate free attractions with those that are pricey, and take advantage of city hotels’ cheaper rates on weekends. Opting for a hotel that offers free breakfasts and a mini kitchen where you can prepare a meal can save significant $$$ — more for souvenirs.

When it comes to travel logistics, Eileen recommends seeking nonstop flights whenever possible, flying earlier in the day to avoid delays, and always having a plan B in case the weather disrupts your plans. And don’t forget to buy travel insurance that covers you for unforeseen events, like illness or weather issues.

The Kid’s Guide to Washington D.C. is a fun and educational way to explore the nation’s capital with your family. With Eileen’s expert tips and advice, you’ll be able to make the most of your vacation and create memories that will last a lifetime.