7 Ideas for a Sensational Summer Fun Zone in Your Backyard

My fondest memories of summer fun are at home, in the backyard with my friends and family. Whether we were running along the Slip n’ Slide or fighting the war for dominance with our Super Soakers, we were always having a blast. Summer is here, and your backyard is the perfect place to create memories with your family and community. Transforming your yard into an outdoor summer room is easier than you think.

“We’ve all been practicing our ‘backyarding’ skills for the last few years, taking our indoor lives out into the green space around us,” says Kris Kiser, president & CEO of the TurfMutt Foundation. “Now’s a great time to turn your yard into the ideal outdoor summer room.”

Here are seven summer fun ideas from the TurfMutt Foundation to help you create a sensational space in your own backyard:

  1. Give your yard a facelift: Start by cleaning out flowerbeds, clearing debris, and mowing the lawn. Use outdoor power equipment to make things easier and consider adding trees, shrubs, or plants.
  2. Create activity zones: Plan for games, entertaining, and relaxation. Consider lawn games like cornhole, soccer, bocce ball, or giant checkers. You can even plan a “dive in” movie night with a swimming pool.
  3. Bring learning outdoors: Set up an area for outdoor learning, like a space under a shade tree where your kids can do summer reading. Check out TurfMutt’s lesson plans for fun science lessons.
  4. Don’t forget Fido: Make sure your pets can enjoy the backyard too with a water feature, bushes for shade, and a separate “business” spot.
  5. Make outdoors as inviting as indoors: Add string lights, a firepit, or consider hardscaping to make your outdoor living area comfortable and inviting.
  6. Consider the good you’re doing: Your family yard can benefit both your family and the environment. Plant pollinator-supporting shrubs and flowers, put in a vegetable garden, or create activity zones.
  7. Put safety first: Remember to keep children and pets away from operating outdoor power equipment.

With these tips, you can create a sensational summer fun zone in your backyard. So, get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and make lasting memories with your loved ones.